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The Story

After Logan, a cynic with a photographic memory, witnesses his twin sister’s death in a horrific car accident, his vivid memories of the event have left him unable to move on, leaving his life in tatters.

Facing a night on the street, by sheer chance Logan finds Martin, the banker responsible for his sister’s death, and tracks him onto a night-rider bus. His attempts at vengeance are thwarted by increasingly strange interactions with the other passengers, including an inquisitive nurse who insists she knows Logan, her jealous boyfriend, two bickering teenagers and a pants-less homeless person whose unhinged religious ramblings might have more truth to them than he lets on.

Things take a turn for the bizarre as Logan is knocked unconscious and awakes to find the line between the past and present has fractured, as visions of his dead sister and vivid memories begin to replay within the confines of the bus.

As his hold on reality begins to slip, Logan soon realises he has met every single passenger before...

Reaching Distance - Martin